For best results install the Rotax 915, hydraulic governor & Woocomp KW31 hydraulic propeller.


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The AP430CTF-WWR72B is a three blade propeller for use on the Rotax 915 series of engine.

$78. Its configuration is Anti-clockwise/Pusher with eaither the addition of a Feathering facility, Reversing or Prerotation function. .


Propeller speed reduction gearbox; Air intake system / intercooler; TBO 1,200 hrs; Maximum operating altitude 23. • Dry sump forced lubrication with separate oil tank, automatic adjustment by. See More Details.

Apr 30, 2020 · The newer Series 7 Super Sport can be fitted with a Rotax 912ULS, turbocharged Rotax 914/915, Continental O-200, Lycoming O-233 or Titan O-340. They are manufactured in Austria and is the lightest of the engine choices offering stunning performance and is by far the most widely used.

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. The Rotax 914 is for those pilots who are seeking a boost in performance 16 kts @ FL 90), with more power and more uniform performance at different altitudes.

510 lbs useful load. • 4-cylinder.

Searey Rotax 914 Airmaster AP332R.
Propeller speed reduction gearbox; Air intake system; Turbocharger and intercooler; Target TBO (Time between overhauls) 1200 hours; Efficiency: 280 - 310 g/kWh BFSC at 5,500 rpm; Service Ceiling of 23,000 feet.
This engine uses electronic fuel injection, and has a full electronic engine management system with automatic altitude compensation.

• 4-cylinder.


To select a propeller, use the table. . .

• 4-stroke liquid/air-cooled engine with opposed cylinders. $78. Rotax Engines - 582, 912ul,. Propeller Buyer’s Guide. Always hangared in South Hill, VA. SALES TEAM; DISTRIBUTORS & SALES AGENTS; FINANCING; USED AIRCRAFT; TERMS & CONDITIONS; SERVICE.


000 feet ARGON 915 is the first class Gyrocopter exceeding all your expectations. .

The performance gain from the AP430 constant speed hub, combined with the outstanding design of the Whirlwind B series blade, allows this propeller to perform over a very.



new high performance, low weight.

The list of alternative engines beyond Lycoming’s dominance is wide even if the volume isn’t deep.