. At 73 degrees Fahrenheit, you will have about 20 minutes of working time before the resurfacer hardens.

Coating the Floor - Base Coat.

Do-it-yourself prices range from $300 as a DIY.

. Once again, there are several categories of materials and products that you can choose from. .

With the help of our coating contractors, you can cover the stains and prevent new ones from forming.

That’s why at Renew Resurfacing, we’ll walk you through each step of your coating project, ensuring your garage dreams come true. . Take everything out of your garage.

. Resurfacing your concrete floor removes any imperfections and prepares it for paint or sealant.

Zone Garage Floor Coatings.

Take everything out of your garage.

. Decorative coatings are split between overlays and stains.

Our services ensure hassle-free installation and minimum. Better to return some than to run out

When you partner with us, you can expect exceptional services, a professional approach, and affordable prices.