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3 digits model code Complete code: 2H9 422 This one has zero wobble on the base, is super strong and in superb condition.

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Brimar. . The 6V6 is a beam-power tetrode vacuum tube.

Old stores reference numbers with the prefix ZA are also sometimes used.

Philips Miniwatt 6V6GT: Great balance. 8 = 1958, 1968. About This Listing.

I would not buy NOS tubes from anyone else. Price $69.

Good microphonics.

Incredible vintage military spec quad of 6V6GTY (CV511) tubes from the U.

69 + $20 Shipping. The Brimar 6v6(GTY) maybe my all-time favorite power tube now for deluxe type amplifiers.

The 6V6 family of beam tetrodes came in many. In guitar amps the Brimar is a traditionally British sounding.

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Minimum is 46.

The valves were capable of push pull use but the normal environment was as a single end output stage.

Singe note runs had enough bite to make the point. The bass response is lighter. This tube was tested on my Dan Nelson calibrated TV-7/B.

Brimar 6V6GT CV511 Tube, Tested, 1950's. Brimar 6V6GT CV511 Tube, Tested, 1950's. Black glass, red print very old model with rectangular getter. a call at 905-816-0167 or check out www. BRIMAR SYLTONE 6V6GT -ONE- BRITISH BLACK GLASS NEW OLD STOCK VINTAGE VALVE TUBE: Condition: Open box. Add to Cart.

6V6GTS/JJTESLA 6V6GTY/CV511/BRIMAR: The Brimar 6V6GTY is a brown base long life military version of the standard Brimar.

Soft, not open enough HF. 5.

Mullard ECC82 12AU7 M8136 Shield & BVA.




Used – Mint.