The local government elections results are now in, with new mayors and councilors elected across New Zealand.


It shows three areas in which the country's newly-elected mayors and councillors face a massive challenge to reconcile their plans with those of the Government. Photo: RNZ.


New Zealand's new mayors, according to the provisional results (from left): Auckland's Wayne Brown; Wellington's Tory Whanau; Christchurch's Phil Mauger; and Dunedin's Jules Radich.

. 13 December 2022. .


Auckland 1142. Silverdale Area Business Association (“Silverdale Business”) Proposed Business Improvement District Establishment Ballot. Those survey results provide a unique insight into the voting intentions of 223 of New Zealand's new mayors and councillors.

Aaron Gilmore. "Labour and National re-select 2020 Ōtaki candidates for election in 2023".


Buller Council - Jamie Cleine.

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13 December 2022. New Auckland mayor Wayne.

Jamie Ensor.
2:45 pm on 15 October 2022.


Oct 10, 2022 · 5:01 pm on 10 October 2022.

Photo: RNZ. . Special votes and votes hand.

The final results for Auckland Council races confirm Wayne Brown won the mayoral race by a decisive margin, while one local board has seen a shift in its winners. . Auckland Council’s Business Improvement District (BID) Policy was updated in July 2022 and came into. Oct 15, 2022 · 15/10/2022. With. .

Māori recorded 25% turnout.

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Local elections 2022 official results for the positions of local board members.



Ahead of the election, Newsroom surveyed the candidates.